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Even the most ardent label reader can walk out of a store dumbfounded. With the vast number of ingredient names that you can’t pronounce, it can be overwhelming trying to stay current with what is actually food and what you want to avoid. While processed bars are convenient, they’re almost all either high in added sugars, refined oils,  chemicals or GMOs, and poor sources of protein. Not to mention, some have more calories and additives than candy bars, while others are lacking in sustenance from real foods. Luckily, making your own power bars is one way to prepare something full of macronutrients that tastes great with minimal cost.

Here are five reasons that will benefit your body, mind and wallet.

1. You Know Exactly What You Are Eating

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As a general nutrition rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients the better. When preparing your own power bars, you won’t worry about the hidden sugar, excessive oil, or ingredients that might contain dairy. It’s incredibly empowering to prepare your own food and realize it can taste better than anything you can buy in a store. Plus, most of the ingredients are inexpensive and will last for multiple servings. Try No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Squares as a great recipe to start with.

2.  It Saves You Money


You might as well buy in bulk since this can be addicting culinary habit. You can get a great deal on mass quantities of dates and raisins at Costco or Sam’s Club. Chia seeds and hemp hearts can be found in an increasing number of mainstream grocery stores. Fruit (fresh or dried) can always be found on sale somewhere and carob chips and cacao nibs are reasonably priced at most locations. Try these 3 Ingredient Energy Bars as an inexpensive, filling, and delicious option.

3. You Can be Selfish


Don’t like raisins? Leave them out! Can’t find an almond butter and jelly bar that you like? Just create your own. In simplest terms, creating your own bars enables to utilize the ingredients and be creative incorporating those that might not be your favorites. And if you swing and miss with a recipe, it is easy to adapt it to something else. A few of my intended power bars have morphed into granola by adding some addition nuts, oats, and seeds.

4. A Food For Any Occasion


Whether you need a quick breakfast, a snack before jumping on your bike or an evening hint of sweetness, your homemade power bars will quickly become a go-to for any occasion. In a half-hour I can prepare approximately two batches that will turn into 20 bars that won’t last longer than a few days in the freezer. The combinations of nuts, seeds, and fruits are virtually endless.

5.  It’s Much Easier Than You Think

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Grab your food processor and let your creativity run wild in the kitchen. Pick your favorite fruit, grab some nuts like cashews or almonds, and mix away. Add some superfoods and some sweetness in the form of coconut or a dash of agave. After mixing to your desired texture, form the mixture into a block, and freeze for a few hours. Once frozen cut into bars or bite-sized snacks and enjoy!

Making your own bars isn’t just better for you; they taste much fresher, deliver more nutrients, and you get more for your money. It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it. Not sure what to make? See our power bar recipes to choose from to help you get started!

What’s your favorite power bar combination?

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