Making custard without eggs might seem impossible, but you would be surprised at how easy it really is. 

Vegan custard can taste just as good as egg-based custard, just without the cruelty. It can taste so good that your loved ones would never suspect that it was vegan!


Here are some tips to help you make amazing vegan custard without eggs or cow’s milk.

How to Make Delicious Custard Without Eggs

Because a large part of any custard recipe is egg yolks, it is easy to think that it cannot be veganized. But that just isn’t true! You can make a delicious and creamy custard on a vegan diet! It may take a little more trial and error, but vegan custard can taste just as good, if not better than traditional custard.

These tips can help you to make delicious and creamy custard every time.

Choose a Plant Milk

Possibly the most important part of custard without eggs is the milk that you choose. Plant milks may all be delicious, but they are not all created equal. So, choose your plant milk wisely.


Almond milk, for instance, makes a light custard, but it is more dependable and creates consistent results. Soy milk creates a deliciously rich and creamy custard but can be a bit temperamental, as well as prone to burning on the stove.

You will need to experiment with the milk that you choose since they will all react so differently. Start by using your favorite milk to see how it acts when making custard.


You could even use milk blends to create the kind of result that you want.

Use a Thickener

The second most important ingredient in your custard without eggs is the thickening ingredient. This is what takes the place of the egg and pulls the custard together.


You have two main options here, flour and cornstarch. These are the best options and provide the best results.

Cornstarch is the easiest since it thickens quickly and doesn’t require much cooking. But it also creates a more rubbery texture and is less realistic. Flour takes longer to cook and can leave a slight four taste to the custard if you use too much. But it creates a creamier custard that is more realistic. You could also combine the two to create the best of both worlds kind of option. Just keep in mind that you need different amounts of flour vs cornstarch and vice versa.

You will also need to adjust measurements according to the plant milk that you are using. Almond milk is runnier and will need more thickening than coconut milk or cashew milk.

Typically two tablespoons of cornstarch or flour is needed per one cup of plant milk. However, this will vary depending on your preference and milk choice.

The best way to incorporate the thickener  is to blend it up with the plant milk. This will guarantee that no lumps will form in your custard.

It’s important to also keep in mind that your custard will set more in the fridge, so don’t worry if it looks a bit loose.


Use Good Quality Flavorings

Because we do not have the egg flavor in this vegan custard, you will want to use a good quality flavoring.

Most custards are simply flavored with vanilla extract, which makes it all the more important to use a good quality vanilla. This is where all of your flavor is going to come from, so you don’t want to just use the cheap stuff. Use a fragrant and rich extract that has a full-bodied flavor and is strong enough to flavor the custard through and through.

Custard without eggs can sometimes turn out a bit bland tasting, so this is very important.

Cook it Long Enough

One issue that you might encounter if you have a failed vegan custard is that you didn’t cook it long enough.

You want to cook your custard without eggs for a decent amount of time. Allow the mixture to heat up completely and even begin to bubble.

You want your thickeners to cook through, or else the custard won’t thicken, and it will taste powdery. This simple step can be the difference between a delicious bowl of custard and a failed custard.

Make sure to give it time to cook and stir continuously to avoid the bottom scalding. Plant-based milk loves to burn, so don’t skimp on the stirring!

Add Pudding Powder

One hack that you can use if your custard always seems to turn out bland is to use a bit of instant pudding mix. Dust a teaspoon or two should be enough to impart a pleasant flavor to your custard – especially if you use the french vanilla flavor.

This might be considered cheating, but it is a great way to have a flavorful custard without eggs. Just keep in mind that it can also have a thickening effect so don’t add too much.

Add Turmeric

If your custard is looking a little pale, you could add a pinch of turmeric powder. This will give it a beautiful yellow color that would normally come from egg yolks.

This is an easy way to trick people into thinking that they are eating a classic custard. 

Make your own vegan custard at home!

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