If you ask us, one of the most pervasive food myths circulating around these days is that you cannot get a sufficient amount of protein if you’re someone who follows a plant-based diet. The truth is, not only are there an abundance of different vegan protein sources available, but a significant variety of plant-based foods actually provide all of the essential amino acids our bodies require. Seriously — you don’t need the animal products to meet your body’s protein requirements.

We took a fun browse through our Food Monster App to bring you our list of 15 plant-based meal ideas that provide at least 10 grams of protein per serving. We think you’re going to love them, so check them out below:

1. Chickpea Spinach Stew With Lentils and Quinoa

This Chickpea Spinach Stew With Lentils and Quinoa is a one-pot meal with all the protein for the day, with 18 grams per serving. Serve with flatbread or crackers. Omit the cashews to make it nut-free.

2. Hearty Lentil Broccoli Bolognese

This gluten-free Hearty Lentil Broccoli Bolognese is so tasty, satisfying, and filling. Add broccoli, cauliflower or kale to your pasta to get even more veggies in. Serve over any pasta of choice with a side salad and some toasty bread, perfection. Each serving has 18 grams of protein.

3. Maple-Glazed Mushroom and Lentil Loaf

This gluten-free Maple-Glazed Mushroom and Lentil Loaf will remind you of that Sunday evening meatloaf so many of us grew up with. Made from mushrooms and lentils, it’s dense and meaty, with a delicious maple ketchup glaze that sinks in as it bakes. This loaf is tender, moist, and full of these beautiful savory flavors that paired so perfectly with the sweet bite of the ketchup glaze. There are 17 grams of protein per serving.

4. Crispy Baked Tofu With Shredded Veggie Quinoa

This Crispy Baked Tofu With Shredded Veggie Quinoa is the best. Dinner. Ever. No tofu on hand? Tempeh or white beans or lentils will work great, too! Don’t dig kale or carrots? Use another green and another root-ish veggie of your choice. This dinner-in-a-bowl is pretty flexible. There are 39 grams of protein per serving.

5. Chick’n Style Seitan Cutlets

These Chick’n Style Seitan Cutlets are a delicious replacement for chicken in your recipes. Most of the cook time involved with this recipe is hands-off, one one serving provides 22 grams of protein.

6. Beet Tacos With Mung Beans With Blackened Tofu, Radish Slaw, and Crispy Corn

These Beet Tacos With Mung Beans With Blackened Tofu, Radish Slaw, and Crispy Corn tick all the boxes. Smoky? Check! Spicy? Check! A little bit crispy? Check! Totally fun to look at and eat? Double check. Dig in! One serving has 33 grams of protein!

 7. Cuban Black Beans

These made-from-scratch Cuban Black Beans are spiced with garlic, onion, cumin and oregano. Totally traditional and totally fabulous! If you are short on time you could technically use canned black beans, but the flavor of home-cooked beans is so much more delicious and authentic. These beans can be served by themselves or with rice, fried plantains, and sliced avocado to create a full meal! One serving has 15 grams of protein.

8. Bangin’ Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

This Bangin’ Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza will take a little more time for you to make than a frozen pizza, but trust us when we say it is totally worth it. Look at how saucy, flavorful, and satisfying it is! Plus, a serving of the pizza provides a whopping 57 grams of protein!

9. Lemon and Walnut Linguine With Roasted Broccoli 

This recipe for Lemon and Walnut Linguine With Roasted Broccoli is light but delicious. Roasting the garlic mellows and sweetens it, and the toasted breadcrumb-walnut mixture gives the whole dish a depth of flavor. As this is a deliberately simple pasta dish, use the best quality ingredients you can find – locally-grown garlic and juicy organic lemons. Rather than store bought bread crumbs, save a couple of slice of sourdough from a loaf and make your own. Find some high-quality linguine, too! One serving provides 17 grams of protein.

10. Chickpea Flour Omelet With Spinach and Kale

Omelets are a great go-to option for breakfast or even dinner because they’re easy to make, they cook fast, and there are endless opportunities for toppings. Mixing chickpea flour together with flax, water, and a little bit of seasoning creates a batter you can use to make egg-free omelets. This recipe for Chickpea Flour Omelet With Spinach and Kale loads up on leafy greens, fresh tomatoes, and avocado, but try mixing up the filling with ingredients like mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and peppers. Plus you get 14 grams of protein per omelet!

11. Iranian Eggplant and Chickpeas Stew

This gluten-free recipe for Iranian Eggplant and Chickpeas Stew makes the perfect festive dinner. The texture of the eggplant and chickpeas go so well together, and the sweetness of the dates and apricots blend perfectly with the cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and turmeric. One serving will give you 25 grams of protein.

12. Colombian Black Bean Stew

Not only is this Colombian Black Bean Stew super easy to make and utterly delicious, but it’s also extremely healthy, full of plant-based protein and fiber. It’s proof that healthy plant-based food does not need to be complicated or expensive. It uses inexpensive foods like black beans, onion, and garlic to make a hearty meal, especially when served with a side of grains and topped with sliced avocado. One serving provides 12 grams of protein!

13. Butter Bean and Root Veggie Stew With Herby Dumplings

This Butter Bean and Root Veggie Stew With Herby Dumplings recipe makes the most of root vegetables, cooking potato, carrot, and parsnip, as well as butter beans, into a thick, savory stew. Top that with plump, golden, herb-stuffed vegetable suet dumplings, and there’s really nothing better. Each serving has 17 grams of protein.

14. Malai Kofta: Potato Dumplings in Spiced Tomato Sauce

Traditionally, this dish is a rich combination of fried potato, veggie, and cheese meatball/dumplings floating in a creamy spiced tomato sauce. Served with rice or flat bread, it really is a treat. This Malai Kofta: Potato Dumplings in Spiced Tomato Sauce recipe is modified to make it both vegan and gluten-free, but still has all of the tastiness and fragrant flavors of the traditional dish. One serving has 20 grams of protein.

15. Comforting Kale Pesto Pasta Casserole

This Comforting Kale Pesto Pasta Casserole is filling, delicious, and so easy to make! It has an especially savory, umami twist thanks to the addition of sun-dried tomatoes and olives. An absolutely lovely highlight is the crust, which is made of gluten-free bread crumbs mixed with olive oil and garlic. It’s crunchy, hearty, and perfect! One serving has 12 grams of protein.

If you’re interested in finding some more high-protein vegan recipes, or just want to read up on some delicious recipes that are surprisingly high in protein, or get hyper-specific and learn about soy-free vegan foods with more protein than beef, then our Food Monster App has your back!

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Lead image source: Cuban Black Beans