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Healthy snacks don’t have to taste bad. When craving that crunchy, salty snack it’s so easy to turn to chips and crackers. There are many reasons why we all love these foods. Most chips and crackers contain excess salt, fat and sugar, which makes our brains light up with happiness and the craving to eat more. It is nearly impossible to “eat just one.” Alongside chips and crackers are irresistible dips. Nothing beats the creaminess of a dip with the crunchiness of a chip or cracker. Learn how to make awesome dips and spreads with healthier ingredientss to upgrade your snacking game to the next level, but put those fatty fried chips and crackers to the side. There are many tasty alternatives to these crunchy delights.

Try these healthy, crispy and appetizing ideas to replace your typical chips and crackers.


Raw Vegetables

alkaline veggies

Raw vegetables are the healthiest way to satisfy that crunch craving. Simply cut up carrot sticks or celery and you’ve got easy dipping. Celery is particularly great at improving blood flow and all raw veggies are alkalizing to the body. To make a more cracker-like bite, slice up some vegetables into circles. This way the vegetables are easy to stack dips and toppings on like crackers. Try slicing the under-appreciated radish for a spicy crunch. Add some classic, Vegan Spinach Dip to counter this spiciness. For a refreshing vegetable cracker, slice some cucumbers. Cucumbers are great for staying hydrated and maintaining healthy blood pressure. Cucumbers also have neutral flavors so many different dips pair well with it.

Kale Chips


Kale is all the talk these days, and for all the right reasons. Kale has countless health benefits and kale chips are the perfect way to get these benefits while also being a crunchy snack. There are many varieties of kale chips available in stores, however making kale chips yourself is super simple. Take your leafy greens, drizzle with olive oil, and bake in the oven until crispy. Kale chips are extremely versatile with flavors depending on how you like your chips. For a creamy and zesty snack like the classic, try making these Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips. For a spicy twist, make these Habanero Kale Chips.


Baked Vegetables


Not feeling raw vegetables? No worries, try baking them for more satisfaction! Baked vegetables are a crispy way to get that satisfying crunch, while being far healthier than chips or crackers. You can make baked vegetables in a dehydrator, but you can also use your oven to keep it simple. Nearly any vegetable can be baked to make the perfect snack. Try these Zucchini Chips for cheesy, nacho-like munching. For an unusual and slightly sweet chip, opt for making Beet Chips. Not only are they healthy, they are also gorgeous! For an unusual taste try making these Lotus Chips.


Dehydrated Crackers


For those eating raw,have no fear! By using the right ingredients and low temperatures, the crunchiness of a raw cracker is completely possible. Make these Corn and Bean Chips for a raw delight. Top with a Raw Sprouted Hummus or a Sweet and Spicy Salsa for a zesty snack. Adding flax to raw crackers is a great way to get extra fiber in a snack that is typically empty of nutrition. These Raw Parmesan Pita Chips take raw crackers to the next level by using walnuts, flax, carrots, and nut cheese.  

Raw-Parmesan-Pita-Chips-1200x800 (1)

So go ahead and get crunching! While store bought chips and crackers are hard to say no to, eating these alternatives are much healthier way to satisfy your snack craving. Most chips and crackers have added salt, sugar, and bad fats to them- opt out of these dietary agonies and choose a plant-based, nutritional and wholesome alternative instead. See all of our cracker recipes here and enjoy these delicious, crunchy snacks!

Lead Image Source: Raw Vegan Habanero Pepper Crackers

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