You may have seen the fake cobwebs and Jack-O-Lanterns populating the streets. Along with the other decorations, everything food and drink has taken on a Halloween flavor. Although you’re able to make all your favorite Halloween candies plant-based, this spooky season, we are going to take a look at some Halloween-themed products suitable for anyone on a plant-based diet.

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1. Halloween Oreos 

Source: Halloween Oreos 

Halloween Oreos might have a scary shark cover, but inside these double-stuffed oreos are totally sweet! $10.19

One user says: “Very cute gift idea! Was very pleased. The box is well made and doesn’t feel cheap at all.”

2. Garden Veggie Chips (Ghosts & Bats)
Garden Veggie Chips - Halloween Treat Bags - Shapes of Ghosts & Bats - Sea Salt Flavored 12 - .5 Oz Bags

Source: Garden Veggie Chips (Ghosts & Bats)


Garden Veggie Chips (Ghosts & Bats) has a spooky scary Halloween theme! $11.99 for a bag.

Carrie says: “I got these chips in my October Began cuts box and my daughter loves them. She wanted more as soon as she was done.”

3. Halloween Pasta 

Source: Halloween Pasta

Just add some red sauce to your Halloween Pasta for a bloody scary surprise! $15.74.


Marie Anne says: “This was not as amazing as I had hoped, but it was okay.”

4. Welch’s Halloween Fruit Snacks

Source: Welch’s Halloween Fruit Snacks 

Welch’s Halloween Fruit Snacks have five spooky shapes! $20.53.

One user says: “Huge hit at our toddler’s Halloween party! Will be ordering next year!”

5. Annie’s Organic Halloween Fruit Snacks 

Source: Annie’s Organic Halloween Fruit Snacks 

Annie’s Organic Halloween Fruit Snacks is shaped like scary bats and bunnies! (The bunnies are vampires too, but it’s hard to show in a fruit snack.) $29.50 for a box.


6. Oreo Seasonal Halloween Cookies 

Source: Oreo Seasonal Halloween Cookies 

Unlike the first oreos in our lineup, these Oreo Seasonal Halloween Cookies have a wicked orange color. $3.56.

7. Halloween Crunch 

Source: Halloween Crunch 

Cap’n Crunch is surprisingly vegan, and Halloween Crunch will turn your plant-based milk green! $8.40.

8. Wholesome Halloween Lollipops 


Source: Wholesome Halloween Lollipops

Wholesome Halloween Lollipops has a freaky ghost packaging! Organic and gluten-free $7.18.

9. Yumearth Organic Gummy Fruit 

Source: Yumearth Organic Gummy Fruit 

Yumearth Organic Gummy Fruit is gluten free and non-gmo, and in bat and terrifying fang shapes! $17.99.

10. Torie & Howard Halloween Assorted Chewie Fruities 

Source: Torie & Howard Halloween Assorted Chewie Fruities 

Torie & Howard Halloween Assorted Chewie Fruities  are non-gmo, and free of corn syrup and artificial dye. $11.95.

Make Your Own Halloween-Themed Snacks!

Can’t get enough Halloween-shaped snacks? Check out these adorable Halloween yummies courtesy of the Food Monster App.

Rice Crispy Mummies With White Chocolate Coating [Vegan, Gluten Free]

These Rice Crispy Mummies With White Chocolate Coating from Heidi Turunen are a necessity for your Halloween party for a few reasons. One, they’re quick and easy to make — no baking necessary. Two, they’re gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and can be made gluten-free if you swap the puffed rice for puffed quinoa. Three, they’re adorable! The white chocolate coating is easy to drizzle to look like “mummy wrappers,” so you don’t need to be a professional (or amateur) baker to make them look amazing.

6. Halloween Bat Biscuits [Vegan]

Sweet Recipes That Will Blow Halloween Candy Out of the Trick or Treat Bag!
Image Source: Halloween Bat Biscuits [Vegan]

You have to try these Halloween Bat Biscuits from Aine Carlin! Make like a bat and use your somewhat less advanced sonar skills to find your kitchen and make these delightful little morsels at once.

Frozen Banana Mummies [Vegan]

Image Source: Frozen Banana Mummies [Vegan]

For families that don’t do gluten and dairy, and avoid sugar and artificial ingredients, Halloween can leave kids feeling left out. These Frozen Banana Mummies from Lexie Croft are a fun and festive food craft that will make any goblin feel included in the fun—and they are far healthier than a candy bar! Sweetness comes from the banana and a drizzle of melted cocoa butter mixed with powdered low-glycemic coconut sugar. Make a couple dozen at a time and freeze for a grab-and-go frozen treat anytime.

For more Halloween treat ideas, check out 10 Vegan Candy Recipes, and download our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 10,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

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