It’s that time of year again, the grocery stores are filled with unhealthy candies made with dairy and other non-vegan ingredients. You’re lucky if you can find even one store-bought candy that is vegan because they are usually loaded with milk, gelatin, etc. This year, we’re providing the perfect recipes for vegan Halloween treats from the Food Monster App so you can take control of what goes into your Halloween candy!

1. Snickers


Source: Copycat Snickers Bars

Chocolate bars and candy bars don’t have to be packed with unnatural sugars to be tasty and delicious. These vegan “Snickers” bars have a raw “nougat” base, a scrumptious date caramel filling, and a dairy-free chocolate coating. And it wouldn’t be a Snickers without tons of peanuts! These Copycat Snickers Bars by Holly Jade are pretty darn close to the real thing; the only difference is that they are much better for you!

2. Butterfinger 

5-Ingredient Butterfingers b

Source: Copycat Butterfingers

These vegan, Copycat Butterfingers by Megan Sadd are sweet, salty, and just a little bit crunchy. Slightly less crunchy than the original, but definitely crunchier than just chocolate and peanut butter. All you need is peanut butter, dates, chocolate, corn flakes, and coconut oil. With only five ingredients and one kitchen appliance needed, these candy bars are a snap to make (and even easier to eat!).

3. Take 5

Copycat Take 5 Bars

Source: Copycat Take 5 Bars

These flavor combos are something else. Caramel, pretzels, nuts, nut butter, and chocolate. Could you stay away from these Copycat Take 5 Bars by Melanie Sorrentino? Don’t make too many of these because no matter how much you make, they will be gone in a day. By adding coconut oil to the melted chocolate, the dipping process coats smoothly. But it makes the chocolate instantly melt once you take a bite.

4. Ferrero Rocher 

Copycat Ferrero Rocher

Source: Copycat Ferrero Rocher

This Copycat Ferrero Rocher recipe by Logan Dunn & Lexus Osman brings out every bit of the creamy, crunchy, classic hazelnut and chocolate treat while using healthier, and more nutrient-dense, ingredients. A hazelnut center, a layer of chocolatey date “dough”, a layer of crunchy quinoa, and a coating of chocolate make these candies perfectly giftable.

5. Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups

Copycat Resse's Cup

Source: Copycat Resse’s Cup

Peanut butter cups are oh-so-irresistible because the combination of peanut butter and chocolate will always prevail! With this recipe, you can enjoy your favorite childhood candy but better! This Copycat Resse’s Cup recipe by Melanie Sorrentino is vegan, grain-free, and refined sugar-free!

6. Twix

Copycat Twix Bars

Source: Copycat Twix Bars

Say hello to the most delicious vegan Copycat Twix Bars by Holly Jade! American Twix bars have a cookie base with a caramel center topped off with chocolate. The original Twix bars aren’t vegan, so make this vegan and gluten-free version instead so everyone can enjoy them! They would be great for parties, special occasions, or to gift to a chocolate lover.

7. PayDay

Copycat Payday 3

Source: Copycat PayDay Bars

Who says candy can’t be vegan? These Copycat PayDay Bars by Helyn Dunn replace processed caramel with sticky Medjool dates, vanilla extract, and cashew butter uses lightly salted peanuts, and throws some flax seeds into the mix, just for good measure. This copycat has all of the delicious salty-sweet flavor of the original candy bar but is much better for you. Win!

8. Crunch Bar

Crunch Bar Copycats

Source: Crunch Bar Copycats

These gluten-free and vegan Crunch Bar Copycats by Sabrina Estafo are a sinless twist on the traditional crunch bars we all love. However, these are made of homemade dark chocolate and airy brown rice crispy cereal in every bite—no artificial ingredients! These yummy chocolate bars are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, refined sugar-free, clean-eating, quick, easy, and only use 4 ingredients!

9. Almond Joy 

Copycat Almond Joy Bars

Source: Copycat Almond Joy Bars

These Copycat Almond Joy Bars by Taylor Kiser are a healthier, low-carb, paleo version of the classic candy bar. Naturally sweetened flaked coconut is topped with whole toasted almonds and then enrobed in smooth, rich dark chocolate. Toasting the almonds in this recipe makes a world of difference — trust us.

10. Rice Krispie Treats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats

Source: Copycat Rice Krispie Treats

What’s better than Copycat Rice Krispie Treats by Amanda Smith? The award-winning combination of chocolate and peanut butter. It puts these little bites of heaven over the top. Plus, with only six ingredients required, they are super easy to make (And gelatin-free!).

11. Ho-Ho’s Swiss Rolls

Copycat Swiss Rolls

Source: Copycat Swiss Rolls

Chocolate covered Copycat Swiss Rolls by Melanie Sorrentino, made easy! You’ll fall head-over-heels in love with how simple this coconutty recipe is to make. Not to mention, they taste like the most decadent no-baked cookie on planet earth.

12. Thin Mint Cookies

Copycat Thin Mint

Source: Copycat Thin Mint

Everyone loves thin mints, right? We all looked forward to that time of year, when the green box was delivered. The perfect blend of chocolate, mint, and sweetness. This is the BEST Copycat Thin Mint recipe by Lori & Michelle Corso that is low in sugar, gluten-free, raw and vegan, of course. It is so easy to make and only requires a few ingredients…and no baking of course!

13. Hershey’s Bar

Copycat Hershey's Bars

Source: Copycat Hershey’s Bars

WOW! So, these actually taste like the classic candy bars. Sweet, creamy decadence in the shape we have come to recognize as holy: the chocolate bar. If you’re just starting to get into healthy living or vegan treats, these Copycat Hershey’s Bars by Emily von Euw are a wise one to try.

14. Three Musketeers

Raw Mini Three Musketeers Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Copycat Three Musketeers

Three cheers for these Copycat Three Musketeers! This homemade version of the beloved candy bar by Amy Lyons is not only vegan but also totally raw and gluten-free! So go ahead, indulge in all the chocolatey, nougat-y bliss you want!

15. Peppermint Patties

Homemade Peppermint Patties [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Copycat Peppermint Patties

Let’s paint the town peppermint with these amazing Copycat Peppermint Patties by Noming Thru Life! They’re made with only seven ingredients and couldn’t be easier to put together. You’ll be living in cool minty and chocolatey bliss in no time!

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