The evolution of pizza is an interesting one. The ancient Greeks used to eat flatbreads with olive oil, herbs, and cheese, a sort of prototype that likely influenced Italian pizza. Italian pizza doesn’t look like what you could find in family parlors and chain restaurants in the United States. “Pizza” was actually the name of flatbread and it was known as a street food for the poor, rather than the creative delicacies with toppings of all kinds that we make in our kitchens today. It also used to be sweet, and not at all savory.

The introduction of tomato sauce is what brought pizza even closer to our favorite party meal. Pizza with tomato sauce and cheese — as we know it today — sold by Italian immigrants, became a popular street food in the United States. Eventually, pizzerias began cropping up in Italian American communities. And the rest is history.


If you’re trying to eat more plant-based meals, you can still enjoy pizza. We can make cheese from vegetables, like potatoes and carrots or we can make it from nuts like almonds and cashews. If you’re also gluten-free, you might think that good pizza is a challenge, but we say, rise to that challenge!

There are so many new and innovative ways to enjoy dairy-free and gluten-free pizza that we put together 15 of our tastiest gluten-free pizza recipes.

 1. Deep Dish Falafel Pizza 

falafel piza

This unique Deep Dish Falafel Pizza  starts with a crust made from chickpeas, fresh herbs, and spices. Once crispy from the oven, it’s topped with a vibrant beet hummus and vegetables of your choice. The finishing touch is a layer of cheesy tahini sauce that gets spread over the vegetables once they’ve roasted. Try different vegetables each time you make this pizza to find out which ones you like best!

2. Buckwheat Groat and Almond Pizza Crust


This grainy dough is the perfect texture for a paper-thin pizza crust that gets crispy when baked. Top this Buckwheat Groat and Almond Pizza Crust with tomato sauce and vegan cheese, or pesto and your favorite vegetables. You could even slice the dough into squares and then bake, making gluten-free crackers that are perfect for parties.


3. Socca Pizza


La vie without pizza is such a sad thought. (And probably one that crossed your mind the moment you parted ways with our old friend gluten, n’est-ce pas?) But never fear — Socca Pizza is here. Socca is a flatbread from the south of France and is made of chickpea flour. The French traditionally eat it as an apéritif, but the protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in chickpea flour also make this a great base for a light summer meal, especially when topped with seasonal veggies or sauces.

4. Quinoa Pizza Crust


This Quinoa Pizza Crust is dense and very filling, yet light enough to enjoy when the weather gets warmed. Served with a side salad of organic spinach, fresh sprouts, sundried tomatoes, hemp seeds, and whatever sauce you like. You’ll always feel pleasantly full and satisfied with the meal.

5.  Raw Pizza With Red Pepper Flax Crust


Who doesn’t love pizza? This Raw Pizza With Red Pepper Flax Crust absolutely delicious and 100 percent good for you. It is a light, nutritious, filling meal that is positively bursting with fresh, real flavor. There are seriously no filler ingredients – only the good stuff that your body craves. The cheese is best after 2-5 days of aging, and the crust takes a few hours to get crispy. If you simply cannot wait, you can prep the crust about 3 hours before you want the pizza, and just use the cheese right away. You can split this entire pizza between two people because it’s so healthy, but when served with something else, it can easily feed more.

6. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

cauliflower pizza crust

This Cauliflower Crust Pizza is reminiscent of the traditional Italian dish while also providing a sneaky way to get veggies into your diet. The crust is soft and crumbly, and the herbs and toppings are light and fresh. Try this pizza the next time you desire a fun, vegetable-centric dinner.


7. Polenta Pizza With Herbed Cashew Ricotta


Crisp without being crumbly, this Polenta Pizza With Herbed Cashew Ricotta is close to flatbread pizza perfection. It’s topped with an herby, homemade cashew ricotta, which can be substituted for any sauce of your liking. For the vegetables, choose fresh, seasonal produce — or go for melty vegan cheese with plenty of garlic powder and flaked red pepper!

8. Rustic Buckwheat Flatbread Pizza With Beet Hummus and Cashew Cheese


In this Rustic Buckwheat Flatbread Pizza, earthy beet hummus and cashew cheese sit atop a crispy buckwheat flatbread crust. Although all the components of this pizza are homemade, it’s incredibly easy to make. Add a sprinkle of chopped walnuts, green olives, a small handful of arugula, and a few turns of freshly ground black pepper to complete the experience

9. Lentil Pizza Crust

Lentil Pizza Crust

This Lentil Pizza Crust features a thin and crispy crust that’s made from only five ingredients! If you’re looking for a gluten-free and grain-free pizza recipe, then this is the pizza crust you have to try. All it takes is a few simple ingredients and a blender — no yeast or the wait time that comes with it.

10. Raw Pizza With Chia and Potato Crust

raw pizza

This Raw Pizza With Chia and Potato Crust is like a really special meal – a gourmet take on pizza. No special talents are needed to make this, just patience and time. It stays away from the heavy and hard-to-digest nuts that usually make up a raw crust. Instead, it uses chia seeds and sweet potato as the base. It gives the pizza a lot of flavor, but also leaves the crust a little bit chewy.

11. Cauliflower Crust Pizza With Black Mung Bean Curry

cauliflower pizza

You come across cauliflower in a lot of Indian dishes, so our favorite cruciferous veg is right at home among the curry-inspired flavors in this Cauliflower Crust Pizza With Black Mung Bean Curry. In short, it’s phenomenal. Not only is the crust made from cauliflower, it’s topped with roasted spiced cauliflower and a savory and filling curry. Bon appetite!

12. Summer Vegetable Flatbread Pizza

summer flatbread pizza

This Summer Vegetable Flatbread Pizza is a compilation of summer produce on top of a cassava flour flatbread, which is so simple and flavorful. Feel free to mix it up with what you’re able to find, this one is super flexible!


13. Gluten-Free Pizza Crust With Nut-Free Cheese

pizza with nut-free cheese

This Gluten-Free Pizza Crust With Nut-Free Cheese tastes just like what you can get at an Italian restaurant — yum! The crust is slightly crispy, with a soft interior, covered with a savory tomato sauce and creamy cheese made from potatoes. Enjoy this plain, with garlic and onion powder or with any vegetable of your choice.

14. Eggplant Hummus Pizza on a Mixed Grain Crust

Eggplant Hummus Pizza

The crust for this Eggplant Hummus Pizza is thin and crispy, making it strong enough to hold all of the delicious toppings. Once it’s topped with sautéed eggplant slices, some sliced mini sweet peppers, olives, and vegan cheese, this hummus pizza is ready for the oven. This pizza is also perfect as an “emergency” food for when you’re short on time because leftovers (if there are any) freeze well.

15. Sweet Potato, Sesame, and Chickpea Pizza

Sweet Potato, Sesame, and Chickpea Pizza

This Sweet Potato, Sesame, and Chickpea Pizza has a crust that is wheat-free, gluten-free, yeast-free and grain-free. The base is a combo of vegetables, legumes and seeds which yields high-density nutrition. Feel free to add whichever topping suits your taste best.

You could make every night pizza night with these 15 recipes and never get bored.

Lead image source: Socca Pizza