More people are choosing dairy-free creamers in their coffee, so there are now more dairy-free creamer options available. Recently, Blue Diamond launched vegan creamer and Ripple launched a high-protein barista style plant-based milk. Now Elmhurst, the company that switched to all plant-based milks after 92 years as a dairy plant, is launching their own innovative dairy-free creamer with their new hemp creamer!

The Elmhurst hemp creamer is made of only four ingredients and the hemp used is grown on their very own fields. Vice President of marketing at Elmhurst, Peter Truby says, “Elmhurst 1925 is passionate about leading the plant-based milk category with on-trend innovation, and given the explosive growth of the hemp category, we’re excited to announce the industry’s first hemp creamer.”


Elmhurst plans to make more plant-based milk products for pouring into hot or iced coffee, but this unsweetened hemp creamer is their first. They will debut this product at Expo West along with another new product: their Unsweetened Milked Oats.

Although they already sell a line of Milked Oats, this new product is unsweetened and made with only three ingredients: oats, water, and salt. It also contains 20g of whole grains. The hemp creamer and unsweetened oat milk will go on sale in March!

Make Your Own Plant-Based Creamer and Oat Milk

Simple Vanilla Oat Milk

Source: Simple Vanilla Oat Milk

This recipe by Kelly Williams is the easiest of easy homemade non-dairy milk recipes. To make Oat Milk, the only equipment you need is a blender and a nut milk bag. Unlike nuts, oats require very little soaking, so you can make a batch in nearly no time. And if you, like me, lack a fancy-pants blender, you’ll still be able to have creamy, delicious non-dairy milk without a trip to the grocery store.


Vanilla Nut Coffee Creamer

Source: Vanilla Nut Coffee Creamer

It’s actually really easy to make coffee creamer at home that can satisfy these occasional sweet cravings. Try Jenn Sebestyen‘s Vanilla Nut Coffee Creamer recipe and see!

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