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If you are located in the Los Angeles area, then you’re in luck, because Del Taco has just added a new vegan-friendly alternative to their menu! This past Thursday, in collaboration with Beyond Meat, Del Taco will now be offering their Beyond Meat Crumbles at their Culver City and Santa Monica locations.

Not only is this plant-based beef alternative an exciting new addition to the menu for vegan and vegetarian diners, but it will also be the first time this product has ever been offered at a fast food, drive-thru restaurant in the United States!

Two new dishes will include the Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles: one called the Beyond Taco and the other a Beyond Avocado Taco. Additionally, you can choose to swap any protein on the menu for the vegan crumbles, giving you a huge array of veggie options!

Beyond Meat exclaims that the new vegan tacos are the perfect plant-based option because they, “look and satisfy just like a ground beef taco served with the convenience of a drive-thru. Both tacos are delicious, juicy, meaty tacos for true meat lovers with all the flavor and protein. It just happens to be made from plants.”

For those living on the West Coast, head over to Santa Monica or Culver City to try the new, delicious Beyond Tacos!

Interested in Making Your Own Taco Filling?

If you can’t make it to a Del Taco, then why not enjoy some tasty tacos in the comfort of your own home! We have some amazing recipes from our Food Monster App that will help get you started!

Burritos with Raw Taco Meat

Vegan Burritos1

Image Source: Burritos with Raw Taco Meat

These Burritos with Raw Taco Meat by Amanda Nicole Smith feature 100% raw, vegan taco meat comprised of nuts, seeds, zesty mix of spices. Feel free to customize this flavorful burrito to your heart’s desire!

Tacos Sin Carne

Taco Sin Carne

Image Source: Tacos Sin Carne

These Tacos Sin Carne by Sarah McMinn include a quick and easy vegan beef crumble utilizing textured soy protein, canned tomatoes, and spices, making this a fast, filling, and delicious dinner option!

Quesadillas with Cashew Mozzarella and Chipotle Cream

Quesadillas With Cashew Mozzarella

Image Source: Quesadillas with Cashew Mozzarella and Chipotle Cream

These Quesadillas with Cashew Mozzarella and Chipotle Cream by Megan Sadd are loaded with plant-based cheesy goodness thanks to the addition of raw, soaked cashews. They also pair excellently with this spicy, chipotle cream!

For more taco recipes, we recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 10,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out! 

Lead Image Source: Tacos Sin Carne/One Green Planet 

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