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If you’re looking for a snack or something besides the usual for breakfast, look no further than avocado toast. This trend has been getting more and more popular, especially for those following a plant-based diet. Avocados are being used to replace dairy in meals throughout the day, so why not include them in breakfast as well?

Avocados themselves are actually a fruit (the large pit inside is a tell-tale sign). They are high in fat, but as many people say, it’s “good fat” because it also helps with the body’s absorption of other vitamins and minerals. For more information on the health benefits of avocados, check out this article.

However, for more ways to incorporate avocado toast into your daily life, read on. Avocado toast is just as simple as it sounds – toast topped with avocado. While it is easy enough to mash an avocado and spread it on bread, that can get stale pretty quickly. Even if you just add a bit of garlic or lemon juice, you may feel like you’re being creative, but your meal isn’t changing that much. Here are 10 ways to get creative with avocado toast:

1. Not Quite Guacamole Toast

10 Creative Ways To Amp Up Your Avocado Toast GameWikimedia Commons

Add some salsa (either fresh or jarred, depending on your time constraints) either directly to the mashed avocado or just spread on top for a creamy, Mexican base. Top the toast off with a little bit of lime juice and some tortilla chips for crunch and it’s like you’re sitting down to enjoy a Mexican dinner. If you have cilantro, go ahead and add that too… although now you’re bordering very close to real guacamole.

2. Have a Little Fruit With Your… FruitSweet and Spicy Salsa [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Yes, avocado is a fruit, but it’s not exactly the first ingredient on your list if you were making a fruit salad. However, what if you were making a salsa? Mix the avocado with some mango, some cucumber and some jalapeno peppers for a tangy salsa that would be perfect on toast. If you wanted to keep with the avocado toast, simply mash the avocado first and then top it with the ingredients from a mango avocado salsa.

3. Black Bean, Corn, and Avocado ToastCorn-and-Black-Bean-Chips-1157x800


If you don’t want to go too far out of the box, pair your avocado with a black bean and corn salsa for a Mexican-inspired dish. These flavors complement one another well and the black bean and corn salsa provides an easy topping for a slice of avocado toast. By adding black beans, you’re adding to the protein content, which will help you feel fuller longer. While this might not be first on your breakfast menu, it can serve as a great mid-day snack.

4. Caprese Avocado Toast


When you think of a Caprese salad, avocados don’t usually come to mind, but why not? Add some fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and a touch of olive oil to our avocado toast for a delightful Italian treat. The combination of fresh herbs on avocado toast will make you wonder why you never added them before. You already knew tomatoes went well with avocado, and you knew that fresh basil pairs well with tomatoes, so mix the three and enjoy.

5. Pineapple Avocado Toast


Instead of a salsa, look at mixing pineapple with avocado for a pineapple guacamole. Add this to toast for a different spin on fruit salsas or dips. The citrusy sweetness of the pineapple pairs with the creamy avocado. For more variety, consider adding shallots, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers as well. This will give you a satisfying crunch, mixed with a sweet flavor and a spicy kick at the end.

6. Healthy Fats Toast



We already discussed how avocados are a healthy fat food. Two other “healthy fat” foods include almonds and olive oil. Why not mix the three for the ultimate healthy fat avocado toast? While the total fat content on this toast may be higher than a typical diet would approve of, the nutritional benefits are great as well. These fats work well together and allowing you to feel full throughout the day and also to help absorb other nutrients. If you paired this toast, for example, with a simple salad, your body would benefit by getting more of the vitamins out of the vegetables because of your Healthy Fats Toast.

7. Indian Avocado Toast

Rosella_Coffeeshop_Avocado_Toast_with_Cumin_-_North_River_District,_San_Antonio,_Texas_(2015-03-22_by_Nan_Palmero)Wikimedia Commons


We’ve covered Mexican and Italian combinations to try with avocado toast, now let’s move to Indian. Mix the avocado with a little bit of curry and mustard seed. Top with some fresh lime juice and all of a sudden, the avocado is transformed. No longer can this be confused with guacamole toast, the avocado takes on a creaminess that is highlighted by the spices of curry and mustard seed. It almost doesn’t seem like you’re eating avocado. This is how this fruit can be transformed and take on dairy-like qualities without actually being dairy.

8. Hummus Avocado Toast

Hummus-Avocado-and-Sun-dried-Tomato- (1)

This list would not be complete until hummus found its way onto it. Hummus and avocado go together so well, it could just be a hummus avocado toast and you could change up the flavors and be set for weeks. If you are looking to add a little more, take a start from a hummus, avocado, and sun-dried tomato sandwich. Get rid of the other slice of bread and just use the middle part to create your avocado toast. Or, have a take on the veggie sandwich where avocado is added. Instead, start with the avocado on the toast, pile the hummus and veggies on top and enjoy a healthy toast. Or take some hummus, cucumber and a little bit of hot sauce for a simple, but tasty, avocado toast.

9. Cream “Cheese” Avocado ToastVegan-Garlic-Herb-Avocado-Cashew-Cream-Cheese-1200x774

Okay, this isn’t quite avocado toast. However, by using the avocado to mix with cashews, garlic, and herbs, you can make your own vegan cream cheese. This is an avocado base, so it does still qualify as avocado toast. It just is breakfast in a more traditional sense. Cream cheese on toast is a typical breakfast staple, so get the avocado involved and enjoy. 

10. Avocado Pesto ToastNut-Free Wild Garlic Pesto [Vegan, Gluten-Free]


We covered Caprese, but now it’s time for pesto. Using avocado and herbs, you can create a pesto that is just delicious on toast. This recipe uses the pesto with zoodles, but there’s nothing stopping you from putting the pesto on toast (or pasta, or heck, just eating it right from the bowl). By mixing the avocado with the basil, parsley, and cilantro, you create a spice blend that pairs well with the toast. The creamy avocado meets the flavors of the pesto and your taste buds will thank you.

Don’t settle for boring toast anymore. Don’t even settle for plain avocado toast. Look around your house and be creative with the different flavors, spices, and ingredients that you have. Avocado toast is a great way to get vitamins and nutrients in a quick meal or snack without sacrificing flavor.

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