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Curry in and of itself is absolutely delicious! Add tofu and you get a much more filling and protein filled dish. Pair your tofu curry with rice or a slice of naan bread and you have yourself a meal of dreams. You must give these tofu curry recipes from our Food Monster App a try. You will not regret it!

1. Instant Pot Tofu Mango Coconut Curry 

Source: Vegan Mango Coconut Curry with Tofu

Do you love mangoes and coconut? Then you will love this spiced Vegan Mango Coconut Curry with Tofu! This curry has a sweet taste that is well balanced with all the spices and seasoning—a comforting curry for cold nights!

2. Blood Orange Tofu Curry

This Blood Orange Tofu Curry by Lorna is a creative way to use your citrus peels and an easy meal to whip up quickly. The curry is rich, creamy, and has just the right amount of spice and the perfume from the orange peel make this a really special treat.

3. One-Pot Thai Tofu Coconut Curry 

 Source: One Pot Thai Tofu Coconut Curry

Who doesn’t love curry and tofu made in one pot? They are the perfect partners in crime but don’t fear there is no crime against your figure here. This recipe is light and oh-so divine. Don’t be surprised if you end of making it a few times a month. Serve over your favorite grain and enjoy! This One Pot Thai Tofu Coconut Curry by Diane Smith is awesome.

4. Easy Thai Red Tofu Curry 

Source: Thai Red Tofu Curry

This Thai Red Tofu Curry by Dana Sandonato is colorful, tangy, tasty, and perfect to curl up with when it’s chilly or rainy outside. Throw in your favorite tofu for a filling, flavor-packed meal that will leave you satisfied and nourished.

5. Chickpea Tofu Masala Curry 

Source: Chickpea Tofu Masala Curry

This thick, rich, aromatic recipe for Chickpea Tofu Masala Curry by Pallavi Gupta will have your senses spinning with the depth of flavor and excellent texture of the dish. The home made masala paste lays the foundation for this exceptional dish and then a tomato curry added to the mix and thickened with soaked cashews and poppy seeds and the dish climaxes with tender chunks of chickpea tofu.

6. Tofu Coconut Korma 

Source: Tofu Coconut Korma

Korma is a delicious Indian and Pakistani sauce traditionally made with spices, tomatoes, and yogurt. This Tofu Coconut Korma recipe by Kiran Shahbaz keeps the essence of korma – plenty of fresh spices and seasoning, tomato purée, thick texture – and replaces the milk with coconut milk! Tofu is also added to this dish to round out the entrée and make it an easy dinner to whip up on a weeknight.

7. Spicy Sweet Red Coconut Tofu Curry With Sprouted Brown Rice 

Source: Thai Coconut Tofu Curry

This Thai Coconut Tofu Curry by Jess Hoffman is spicy, sweet, salty, and bursting with aromatic spices. It’s also made creamy with light coconut milk and served with sprouted brown rice — but any rice will do. The sauce and rice can also be prepared ahead of time, if you’re looking for a dinner that you need to come together fast!

 8. Tofu Tikka Masala with Mushroom and Spinach 

Blending what is essentially two amazing recipes into one, the result is the most delicious and mouthwatering Tofu Tikka Masala by Dan Waters with mushroom and spinach, deep in flavor and rich in texture. This is a must for everyone that enjoys Indian cuisine.

9. Paneer Tikka Masala

Source: Tofu Tikka Masala

Tikka masala is a popular North Indian entrée that is usually served with naan and basmati rice. The most popular of tikka masalas is chicken tikka masala, so much so it is the national dish of Britain.  Paneer is Indian cottage cheese which doesn’t melt at high temperature and extra firm tofu replaces paneer beautifully in this vegan recipe. Don’t get intimidated by the list of spices, the beauty and flavor of authentic Indian food is in the variety of fragrant spices. Also here’s a tip for beginners, buy the spices from the bulk section of your local grocery stores. Some of them even carry organic spices in bulk, it’s cheaper, fresher and is not going to clutter your pantry. Enjoy this Tofu Tikka Masala by Pavithra Kannan with a side of naan and fragrant basmati rice, make sure to stock on enough Malbec to wash it all down.

10. Turmeric Tofu Cashew Curry 

Source: Turmeric Tofu Cashew Curry

This Turmeric Tofu Cashew Curry by Gunjan Dudani is easy to make and incredibly healthy. The dish combines lightly sautéed vegetables along with tofu seasoned with a delicious turmeric-based spice blend. The cashews on top provide the perfect crunch to the silky smooth texture of this curry.

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Lead Image Source:  Blood Orange Tofu Curry