In recent years, wolf-hybrids have gained popularity as “trend pets.” Having such a beautiful wild creature at your side, might sound like an appealing experience, but hybrid wolves require much more responsibility than a typical dog – after all, they are wild animals. Too often wolfdog parents end up overwhelmed and underprepared for the challenges that come along with caring for such active and cunning animals, and the poor pups end up surrendered to sanctuaries, or worse … abandoned in the streets. The latter was the case for Julia, a wolfdog, who was left to die on the streets of South Central Los Angeles.  Thankfully, the amazing team at Hope For Paws stepped in to help this poor animal and now, she has made one incredible transformation!

Hope For Paws found Julia wandering the streets of L.A. They brought her into their care and gave her the TLC she needed to recover. Finally shown the love she deserves, this sweet girl has made an incredible transformation. Julia is a completely new dog, and is finally ready to be adopted into a forever home!


This sweet wolfdog has come a long way from the sick, scared, and abandoned girl Hope For Paws first met. Now, the organization is working together with A.R.T And Paws Animal Rescue to find her an amazing new family. Her new adopters will have to continue giving this sweet pup antibiotics and medicated baths, but the worst is far behind her.

We’re so glad to see Julia getting a new start in life and we can’t wait for her to find the family she deserves. You can help Hope For Paws make more incredible rescues and transformations by visiting their website and supporting their efforts.