In recent years, wolf-hybrids have gained popularity as a trend pet. While these hybrid animals are beautiful, they often require much more responsibility than a typical dog. Wolfdog parents end up overwhelmed and underprepared for the challenges that come along with caring for such active and cunning animals, which leads wolf-hybrids to be surrendered to sanctuaries, or worse … abandoned in the streets. The latter was the case when Hope For Paws received a call about an usual rescue. Rescuers were told that a wolf-hybrid had been spotted walking down the streets of South Central, Los Angeles, looking very sick and disoriented.

Upon hearing the desperate situation, the team raced into action. These amazing volunteers were not only able to rescue this abandoned pup, but also nurse her back to health. Now named Julia, she is well on her way to making an incredible transformation.


Julia was spotted walking along the streets, looking gravely ill.

Julia had an old rope tied to her, which indicated that someone owned and neglected her. 

The team offered Julia treats in the hope of earning her trust.

Skinny and starved, she gently accepted the food.

Luckily, she allowed rescuers to put a leash on her. Shortly thereafter, she was whisked away to the vet.

 Julia was covered with infected wounds and pus oozed from her skin. Though her coat was thick, Julia was only skin and bones.

After a bath, Julia was thankful to be dry, resting in her rescuer’s arms.

She got a full medical evaluation to assess her health.

And most importantly, got a lot of rest.

Though she is part wolf, Julia was always careful when taking treats and food from her handlers, grateful for their kindness.

Soon she started to look like a new dog!

And feel like one too.

All this little one needed was care and a lot of love.

Julia continues to show her appreciation with snuggles. 




Julia is still in recovery, and it will likely be a while until she is able to be adopted into a loving home. There are many measures that need to be taken when caring for a wolf-hybrid. Many people make the mistake of thinking that wolf-hybrids can be treated just like any other dog, but in reality, there is no way to guarantee that a wolf-hybrid will be more or less like a domesticated animal. Wolfdogs also run the risk of contracting rabies since there is no approved vaccine for wolves or wolf-hybrids.

The good news is that Julia is in the experienced hands of the Hope for Paws team and we are sure she will get the special home she needs.

All image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr