Have you heard the term “Bacon is back yet?” If not, just give it time because this saying is popping up everywhere, along with the notion that eggs are now a health food, and cholesterol is of no concern. Yes folks, that’s right – the FDA has actually removed its recommendations for watching out intake of dietary cholesterol, because apparently, we don’t have a heart disease problem going on in this country.

Right? Wrong!


Mind you that the FDA has also recently approved the production of GMO apples and potatoes as safe foods to eat. Hmm ……

No – Do Not Bring On the Bacon, Butter, and Eggs – Please!

Increased intake of dietary fat from animals is a leading cause of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity too. Cholesterol-filled saturated fats from animals are so hard for our bodies to break down, (a clear sign we should’t be ingesting them) that they get in the way of insulin’s function in the body, which we need for our cells need to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, they corrode our arteries so our blood can’t reach our heart as well, and yes, they pack on the pounds pretty quickly.

Dean Ornish, M.D., a well-respected and well-known medical doctor, recently wrote a post in the New York Times Op-Ed section stating his opinion as a health and medical professional on the new dietary guidelines. Ornish shares that low-carb, high protein diets based from animal sources not only lead to artery blockage, but they also decrease necessary cells that keep our arteries clean. Ornish also states that dietary intake of 20 percent animal protein or more was found to be the cause of a 75 percent increased risk of death from all causes and a 400 percent increase in cancer and Type 2 diabetes in those under 65 years old.

That’s scary stuff!


Though bacon and eggs are common favorite fatty foods for many people, the idea that it’s safe to eat these foods is just insane. Eggs’ proteins and fats are completely changed once heated, denaturing the protein and making them more harmful to our bodies. Animal fat, especially fried options like bacon, are also a downright death sentence for your arteries. They’re not just carcinogenic thanks to the way the high heats affect the food you end up eating for fuel, but they’re even considered just as harmful as smoking.

The Obvious Option to Health Problems of All Kind

Ornish also reminds us that the healthiest way to eat and take care of ourselves is to count on a plant-based diet. Plant-based diets are now being recognized as one of the most well-studied options in terms of extending longevity, preventing disease, and preventing obesity and weight gain. Cholesterol found in animal foods offers no health benefits that we can’t get from plant-based sources of healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados, something Ornish also points out.


Bacon and eggs are not health foods. It’s time we turn off the propaganda surrounding these foods paid by the companies that produce them, and start eating more plants. Period.

Lead Image Source: Jeffrey W./Flickr