Who doesn’t love having lil’ fuzzy friends? Sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to snuggle up with cute and tiny pups and cats who are scrambling about in a pet store window. But it’s important to know how they ended up there because most consumers who purchase puppies in pet stores don’t know what they’re supporting!

These dogs, cats, and even bunnies often come from mass-breeding facilities, like puppy mills, which treat these animals just like the name implies – machines in a facility.  The animals are given little to no care at all and are often found starving and abused. Unfortunately, as people demand designer dogs and other bred pooches and kitties, the industry will continue operating at full force. If money is involved, the cycle of abuse will continue.

Luckily, major cities are starting to recognize the cruel nature of these mass-breeding facilities. In fact, Los Angeles just placed a permanent ban on the sale of commercially bred cats, dogs, and rabbits at pet stores across LA! While this ban has been temporarily in effect since 2013 and set to end June 30, people have woken up and demanded the ban become permanent. Can we get a “woof woof”?!

Celebration is certainly to be had for L.A.’s dogs, cats, and rabbits, but mass-breeding facilities are still thriving across the country. In the pet store industry, these animals will always be viewed as a commodity and as such their welfare does not come first.

If you’re in need of a furry friend, always choose to adopt – don’t shop! There are millions of healthy, adoptable animals waiting for homes in shelters across the country.

If you’d like to know how you can help put puppy mills to an end, read this article.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons