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Located in Jordan, the ancient city of Petra boasts breathtaking rock-cut architecture and other treasures that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The bad news is, with this mass tourism has come the use of animal-drawn carriages designed to carry visitors through the city.

As a recent PETA investigation revealed, the horses, donkeys, and camels being forced to transport tourists in Petra are subjected to horrific treatment. Photos and video footage captured by the Animal rights organization reportedly show the carriage animals being beaten and reveal the wounds that they sustain from wearing ill-fitting harnesses and saddles. Plus, according to the PETA report, the creatures are forced to pull visitors for hours on end without water or shade, even on extremely hot days.

Fortunately, people in power are finally starting to recognize that this gross mistreatment of animals has no place in Petra. Recently, the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) and KBW Investments signed a memorandum that aims to improve animal welfare in the ancient city.

Given his commitment to ending factory farming, promoting solar energy, and bringing plant-based food to the Middle East, it should come as no surprise that Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed was one of the individuals who helped bring about this important deal.

While the memo doesn’t completely outlaw the use of animal-drawn carriages in Petra (something we hope to see in the near future!), it does make some great strides towards bettering the lives of the city’s animals. For instance, it outlines a plan to institute programs designed to ensure the proper treatment of animals in all branches of the local community.

Plus, the statement reportedly includes a proposal to introduce environmentally-friendly electric vehicles to transport visitors, an act which could potentially end the practice of using animals to pull carriages in Petra once and for all!

We’re definitely on board with the idea of depending on planet-friendly vehicles for tourist transportation instead of living creatures, and we sincerely hope that this memo helps bring an end to animal cruelty in Petra!

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the horrific truth about animal-drawn carriages, and these contraptions are still being used in many cities around the world. To help put an end to this nonsense, be sure to share this issue with everyone in your network. Every person who pledges to stop taking carriage rides gets us one step closer to dismantling this cruel industry!

Image Source: KBW Investments