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People are FED UP with how pigs are raised on factory farms! A series of international surveys shared by World Animal Protection revealed that 89 percent of U.S. supermarket shoppers would be willing to change where they shop if a supermarket commits to improving the welfare of pigs. The survey also found that 85 percent of people in China are willing to change where they shop and buy from supermarkets that commit to improving the lives of pigs. 

In addition, seven out of ten people internationally believe the way factory farmed pigs are kept is upsetting, wrong, and shocking. In other words, people DO NOT want to Support animal abuse.

The survey results aren’t surprising when you factor in the reality of life for pigs on factory farms. Pigs, along with chickens, and cows, are treated with no regard and are forced into cramped and filthy sheds, where they barely have space to move comfortably. As World Animal Protection notes, three out of four mother pigs live in cages, many of which are no bigger than a fridge. Sows are using as breeding machines and their piglets are taken away just a few weeks after birth. The piglets are mutilated, having their tails cut, their teeth ground or clipped and male piglets are often castrated. All of then is usually done with no pain relief.

Coupled with the distressing reality of the life of a pig on a factory farming, and the fact that shoppers DO NOT Support such cruelty, World Animal Protection is urging global supermarkets, such as Walmart, Tesco, and Carrefour to source pork from farms with welfare standards in place. “Supermarkets hold the power to create better lives for pigs. We are encouraging customers of leading supermarkets to let them know they expect higher welfare standards for pork products, with the guarantee that pigs are raised right,” said Steve McIvor, World Animal Protection CEO. Society may have painted pigs as filthy, stupid animals, but they are actually very smart. They form long-term memories, they can communicate through verbal sounds, and they empathize with others. Like dogs, pigs have the ability to learn their names and perform tricks on command. Of course, having better standards in farms can make a slight difference in the horrific lives these animals lead, but in no way does it justify killing them for food in the first place.

To sign World Animal Protection’s pledge to urge supermarkets to incorporate higher welfare standards, click here. With the abundance of plant-based meat (demand for plant-based food is up by 140 percent!), many consumers are opting to forgo animal meat. Not only will you help save pigs from being slaughtered, you will cut your carbon footprint in half, simply by switching to plant-based foods. The best way to fight a system you don’t agree with is to STOP supporting it. In this day-in-age, it’s never been easier to make better food choices that everyone can feel good about. 

We can make a real difference by simply opting for plant-based options! To learn more about how you can use your food choices for the better, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.

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Image Source: Farm Watch/Flickr