The story of Belle began with the Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) rescuers visiting an open-access shelter in late March. Upon walking down the aisles, the team happened upon a sight that instantly stopped them in their tracks. A small and scruffy black dog was crouched in her cage, shaking uncontrollably all over her body and drooling profusely out of stress and fear. As the team recalls, the dog was in such profound emotional distress that her little body could barely cope with it, and the physical signs of her state were heartbreaking. The TAF team decided to act right away and saved Belle from the terror she felt at the shelter.

Although so terrified, Belle was patiently seated in her cage, looking out at the people in the aisle, as if waiting for the family that had just left her behind. Seeing how extreme Belle’s reaction to her new situation was and knowing that she would not be able to properly cope with the stress, TAF took her into their program – and out of the shelter.

After she was taken into the foundation’s care, it was confirmed that Belle needed immediate orthopedic surgery. She underwent an operation on her anterior cruciate ligament, luxating patella, and meniscus.

It took seven weeks of rehabilitation and precious help from the staff at Unleashed Pups, but Belle finally made a full recovery. Hazel Grace, one of TAF’s therapy dogs, kept her company all throughout the long process.

It wasn’t long until Belle met a family that would turn out to be her family. Belle was officially adopted and is now living happily with her new humans in Wisconsin! “Belle’s new forever family absolutely adores her and are over the moon about the newest addition to their family,” the team writes.

Belle now looks nothing like the terrified little dog that TAF found in the shelter a few months ago. Instead, she finally has a spark in her eyes again – and nothing to be afraid of anymore.

“With a new knee and a new family, Belle has finally gotten her happily ever after.” Thanks to the invaluable help from her rescuers, vets, and carers, Belle’s life has changed completely.

To learn more about Trio Animal Foundation, click here.

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All image source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook