Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for centuries. Dogs provide us with unconditional love and support and even a few laughs along the way too. We shower them with toys, treats, and would do anything to ensure their well-being. But unfortunately, not everyone sees dogs as the awesome animals that they are. When Trio Animal Foundation got a call about a dog in horrific condition, they could never have been prepared for what they would see when they went to rescue the poor animal.

The dog was brought to an open access shelter and Trio Animal Foundation was called for help. The dog was soaked in urine, blinded by matted fur, emaciated, and unable to stand on her own. Heartbreaking!


Trio Animal Foundation rushed down to the shelter to pick up the dog, now named Liz, and immediately took her to the emergency vet. It took several hours, but Liz’s temperature finally came up to normal. She also weighed only four pounds. A dog her size should weigh at least 10-12 pounds. 

After x-rays and blood work were taken, they concluded that Liz couldn’t stand because she was too weak from starvation.

The team is slowly rehabilitating Liz by feeding her 1/3 a cup of wet food a day. She is also receiving IV fluids to help prevent her system from shutting down and to administer medications.

Trio Animal Foundation notes that Liz’s skin and legs are so delicate, they are surprised the catheter is even staying in.  



While they don’t know who did this to Liz, there is no way around it: this is animal abuse. Some incidents of animal cruelty go unreported because of a lack of understanding of what is considered neglect. There are signs to look out for when identifying animal abuse and neglect. It’s good to know the signs in case you ever come across an incident of animal abuse.

It’s important to remember that law enforcement and animal control departments highly advise against citizens taking matters into their own hands. As much as it angers you to see an animal being abused or neglected, you could end up putting yourself in a dangerous situation when confronting an animal abuser or trespassing on someone’s property to rescue an animal.

It can take more than reporting animal abuse to the authorities, so to help in prosecuting the abuser, the best thing you can do is document the details, dates, and times of any incidents and contact animal control immediately.


If you would like to help cover Liz’s medical bills, you can make a donation via the Trio Animal Foundation. We will be keeping sweet Liz in our thoughts for a positive recovery!

Image Source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook