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Maxine, a tiny senior Chihuahua, should have a loving and safe home to spent her days in and be given the best care in the world. Instead, this sweet dog was found in a garbage can, abandoned in 45-degree weather. When she was rescued, Maxine was barely even moving, her condition was truly heartbreaking to see. Now, under the dedicated care of Trio Animal Foundation, this special 18-year-old pup is slowly regaining her strength and returning to life.

Maxine was taken in by the rescuers after the team received a call from the Chicago Police Department about a dog found in a garbage can. When rescued, she was emaciated and had barely any fur left on her body. Immediately, she was taken to the emergency vet to receive life-saving care.

Fortunately, Maxine’s life was saved – she is now slowly recuperating, spending most of her time sleeping and eating to regain her strength. She is receiving multiple meals a day and is kept in a double fleece because of her extreme skinniness. She is slowly improving and beginning to let the carers touch her. The team is doing everything to make her heal – both physically and mentally.


After the rescue, Maxine started to get sores all over her skin – possibly because of a secondary skin infection which will be now checked with her vet. As her rescuers say, there still is some fight left in this amazing little dog – and she deserves nothing more than to have a safe and loving place to stay and a patient and dedicated person to show her how good life can be!

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All image source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook