Thanks to undercover investigators, whistleblowers, and animal advocates, awareness has grown about the gruesome reality of dairy farms. Additionally, widespread lactose intolerance has caused many to ditch dairy. People are quitting dairy at such high rates that many dairy farms around the world have been forced to shut down, with some smart farmers making the switch to grow plants like almonds or hemp instead.

And this drastic shift away from dairy toward plants is surely evident in supermarkets, where shelves are lined with plant-based milks and dairy alternatives made from everything like your typical soy and almond, to coconut, cashews, rice, flax, hemp, macadamias, oats, peas, and the list goes on.


One very popular plant-based milk brand, Ripple Foods, makes crowd-pleasing milk alternatives from peas, and their presence at mega-retailer Target has proven to be very successful. In alignment with this, Ripple has now debuted their new protein powders and shakes, available exclusively at Target.

Their new protein powders come in three flavors: Unflavored, Vanilla, and Protein + Greens. The new shakes come in individual serving-sized bottles in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. Both the powders and shakes are described as “delicious, smooth, and clean,” with each scoop and bottle containing a whopping 20 grams of protein! And as with all Ripple products, they are plant-based, dairy-free, vegan, nut-free, and soy-free.

These protein powders and shakes are rolling out in Target stores nationwide, bringing plant-based protein goodness to the masses. To learn more, visit the Ripple Foods website here.

And to learn about how going plant-based can save the world, be sure to check out the Eat for the Planet book!


Image Source: Ripple Foods/Facebook