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The industrialized animal agriculture industry spends tons of money on advertising and marketing campaigns in an attempt to mask the hellish reality that exists on factory farms. Not only do specific dairy producers and brands advertise, but thanks to checkoff programs, the government also pushes dairy on consumers with catchy advertising campaigns like the long-standing “Got Milk?” campaign. Scenes of healthy cows happily chewing their cud on wide expanses of open grassland give consumers the false impression of what actually occurs on industrialized dairy farms, but thanks to an image shared by Unparalleled Suffering Photography on Facebook, we see these contrived scenes could not be further from the truth.

The image shows endless rows of dairy cows lying motionless between metal bars. The floor is FLOODED with excrement and urine, the cows’ bodies are filthy, their tails have been cut, and their faces express nothing but misery and desperation.

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This certainly is no idyllic pasture like the dairy industry wants us to believe! And, where are the calves? More than likely, they have been ripped away from their mothers right after birth so they can become veal or dairy cows and the milk made for them can be given to us. And the milking process adds even more suffering. Hooked up to milking machines, cows on industrialized dairy farms are overmilked to the point where the udders of many of them become infected and can lead to mastitis and blood and pus excretions, which, you guessed it, end up in the milk consumers drink. Additionally, many cows are administered hormones, which also end up in consumers’ bodies, and due to overcrowded and unhygienic environments, antibiotics are administered at alarming rates, giving rise to the worldwide epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Although many dairy farms have been losing their wholesale contracts and shutting down due to the rise in popularity of plant-based milks, dairy is still everywhere, from cheese and ice cream to other food products and even “health” supplements in the form of whey, casein, milk solids, and milk fat. And FAR too many people still believe the lies that dairy cows are happy cows with their babies by their sides who enjoy being milked by hand by compassionate farmers. So, PLEASE do your part to help dispel the dairy myths and SHARE this with everyone you know. Only through increased awareness will this type of gross suffering begin to become a thing of the past.

Image Source: Unparalleled Suffering Photography/Facebook