In 2015, Amit Tewari, the owner of Australian eatery Soul Burger, decided to take his passion for plant-based food  to the next level by turning his entire restaurant vegan. While he dabbled with vegan food in the past with his “flexitarian” menu and his open offer to “veganize” any Soul Burger dish, the change has attracted new customers of all diet types, all in search of an epic burger. And, boy did Soul Burger deliver.

On April Fool’s Day, the eatery photoshopped an image of possibly the most colossal vegan burger we’ve ever seen. The contents? Oh, just the entire Soul Burger menu. This includes: plant-based sausage, chicken schnitzel, a beef patty, battered fish, cheese and herbed mayonnaise, plus field mushroom, falafel, roasted peppers, pineapple, tomato, and lettuce. As if that wasn’t enough of a mouthful, the entire burger is carefully stacked on top of a chocolate coconut milkshake with two syringes of ketchup and mustard-aioli plunged in for dramatic effect as well as structural support.


We can’t even….


Tewari and his graphic designer never thought the burger, dubbed “Plant-based Disgrace,” would cause such a stir. The prank has ended up being one of Soul Burger’s best-selling items! “We ended up actually putting it on the menu because of the sheer amount of requests,” Tewari told Goodfood, “We had people telling us they were booking tickets to Sydney to try the burger, so they needed to know if it was real.”

While the Plant-based Disgrace is definitely not something people should indulge in every day, it definitely nixed any stereotypes the people of Australia may have had about vegan food. Although grains, tofu, nuts, and seeds, are without a doubt staples of a plant-based diet, this colossal burger shows that plant-based food can be incredibly decadent!

This ginormous burger might have started off as a joke, but it’s success just goes to show that people want plant-based options – and more than just your standard veggie burger. After all, a veggie burger was recently crowned the best in the world, beating out traditional burgers, just going to show that the way people think about food is changing. Now, who wants to split a Plant-based Disgrace?


Image Source: GoodFood