Freedom Farm Sanctuary is the first rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary of its kind in Israel. Their goals are to save the lives of animals from the meat and dairy industries and to educate the public about the complex personalities and personal lives of farm animals. In doing so, they hope to instill compassion for the animals and allow them to be viewed as distinct individuals. They certainly have succeeded in doing this in the above video of their rescued baby piglets and calf playing blissfully together on the farm.

Watching Yossi and Omri the piglets and Eden the calf skip, jump, and chase each other with gleeful smiles on their faces, we are reminded of human children running on a playground. The gentle nuzzling and sweet kisses shared by these baby animals is further proof that a farm animal is someone, not something. If we could all see animals in this way, the world would certainly be a much kinder place.

You can visit the Freedom Farm Sanctuary website to learn more about this cute new rescue organization.