Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited got a call from a concerned citizen who said they had seen a calf tossed on the side of the road, so they quickly set off to save the baby. When the team arrived, they found Dil the calf, still wet with embryonic fluid, shaking with fear on a rocky shoulder of the road. The poor little one was too young and too frightened to stand. A team member from Animal Aid Unlimited gently wrapped the calf in a blanket and took him back to the shelter, where they began to feed and care for him.

Dil was born into the dairy industry and, consequently, torn away from his mother before he could even taste her milk, then thrown out like a sack of garbage – milk is for paying customers only. It was only after he arrived at Animal Aid’s sanctuary that he got his first taste of milk.

After two months of growing strong, he was released into the general population of rescued cows. As you can see, he was ecstatic to be with his fellow rescues.

Dil will remain at the shelter for the rest of his life where he will play with his fellow cows and bring comfort to the newer rescues. But Dil’s unfortunate beginnings are all too common in the dairy industry. To maximize milk production, calves are dragged away from their mothers as early as possible. Male calves are either sold to veal farmers or abandoned like Dil. No infant should be separated from their mother, especially before the baby has a chance to taste their mother’s milk.

To help calves like Dil, donate to Animal Aid Unlimted and the next time you go to the supermarket, try a non-dairy alternative instead.

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