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We’ve seen enough animals extend an olive branch towards members of a different species to understand that the animal kingdom isn’t a wild, unruly place that’s all about by-the-books survival of the fittest. There’s Laura the pig and Marina the kitten, two orphaned babies living on a farm sanctuary in Chile who are pretty much the purest, most heart-warming BFFs we’ve ever seen. There’s also the dynamic duo of Osiris the dog and Riff the rat. But, let’s not forget to give kudos to all the seriously awesome mama animals who have given their love and protection to orphaned baby animals of another species. Linda, the dog in the video, is a lot like those mama animals.

Linda recently gave birth to puppies at her home in Playa Larga, Cuba. At the same time, Linda’s guardian took in a litter of adorable black piglets whose mother had passed away. His line of thinking was that Linda would want to take care of these babies in addition to her own. Although Linda had her reservations at first — just imagine being a new mother dog who was suddenly handed a bunch of squirmy, strange-looking puppies with flat noses and curly tails — she eventually embraced her new adopted children.

It must take a lot of effort to look after two sets of baby animals. It makes you wonder how Linda finds time to do things for herself that dogs love to do, like playing a good game of fetch or tug-of-war. Either way, this mama dog’s story is a prime example of how animals are able to form close bonds with members of a different species, sometimes to the point where our pre-conceived notions about who gets along with who are thrown right out the window