When people think about dogs, they’re usually envious of the easy-going life these animals have with little responsibility and plenty of fun. While this type of life is the reality for thousands of dogs in the U.S., there are millions of dogs who aren’t cruising through life as swimmingly. Specifically, there are 70 million stray animals in the U.S. today. About three to four million of these animals end up in shelters, but the rest are left to fend for themselves on the street where they are at risk of getting hit by a car and dying from lack of food or water.

Things get even harder for a dog if they happen to give birth to puppies. Then it’s two mouths to feed and another body to take care of and worry about. Thankfully, there are kind people out there who will help stray animals if they stumble upon them in the neighborhood. This usually entails checking up on them daily, making sure they have a bit of shade wherever they’re staying, and of course, giving them a bit of food and water. While this is a nice thing to do, it is not a long-term solution, and a rescue team eventually needs to be called upon.


For example, Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws animal rescue, recently got a call about a homeless mama pup and her baby who were living in an abandoned lot. He and Lisa Arturo made their way to the scene. 

Homeless pups are usually pretty timid around humans so it was no surprise when the momma, named Petunia, scurried under a nearby vehicle. 

Thankfully, Petunia was somewhat comfortable around humans and allowed herself to be pet gently by Hagar. 

After a bit of resistance, Hagar successfully grabbed Petunia and put a leash around her. 

Now it was time to locate the puppy. Luckily, that didn’t take long. Hagar heard some low cries shortly after retrieving the mama. Sure enough, Hagar and Arturo found a days-old puppy nearby on a pile of leaves. They named her Petals. 

Sweet reunion! Everyone is safe and sound.

After a quick check that there were no other puppies lingering around, the group set off for the hospital, Petunia resting comfortably on Arturo’s lap. 

The checkup at the hospital declared that both mama and puppy were in good health. Petunia received a bath to wash off the filth and matted hair and got treated for an infection in her ear. Now the two begin their road to recovery! 


As animal lovers, we truly applaud the efforts of Hagar and his team. Although our hearts break every time we hear about a stray animal having a tough time on the streets, we can’t exactly drop everything we’re doing to go to their aid. This makes the work that Hagar and his Hope for Paws team do all the more valuable. We’re glad that these two two adorable pups are safe and hope that there are some happier and more peaceful days ahead of them! To learn more about Hope for Paws, visit their official website.

All image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr