Animal Aid Unlimited is known for some of the most amazing rescues we’ve seen. No matter what, their team of dedicated volunteers is willing to give even the most seemingly hopeless rescued animals a second chance. They’re an amazing organization that is always willing to do anything they can to help animals in their time of need. Take Ruby, the

Take Ruby, the dog in the video, who had plummeted into a deep well as an example. Unable to scale the steep, rocky walls, Ruby was left completely helpless. She would have had to resign herself to a grim fate if it weren’t for a kind-hearted human placing a call to the right people on her behalf.

It’s a miracle that not only did Ruby survive her fall into the well, but she also seems to be virtually unscathed. When Ruby saw the group of rescuers peering down at her from the top of the well, she came to life — she barked, whimpered, and wagged her tail, completely overwhelmed with emotion. While we can’t speak for Ruby, we think that she understood that these humans were there to help her.

The music is dramatic, but hey — so is the rescue. Kudos to Ruby’s rescuer for taking on some serious spelunking to rescue her. To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited, visit their official website.