Have your hankies at the ready, Green Monsters, because this video is sure to get your tear ducts flowing. Posted by PawshPal, a Singaporean website dedicated toward raising funds for animal protection causes, it tells the heartbreaking story of Ol Boy, a lonely and neglected stray dog who was found injured and lying in his own excrement by staff of Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Singapore.

A veterinary examination found that he had multiple health problems, including anaemia, tick fever, and cancer. He was also unable to walk, due to a muscle wasting disease. However, Ol Boy let it be known, through an animal communicator, that he did not wish to be put to sleep. All he wanted was to feel the love and warmth of a home for the first time in his life, and to pass away naturally.

In accordance with this dying wish, Ol Boy was brought home by kind SOSD staff members who remained by his side as he passed away, comforting him whenever he cried out in pain. His final act was to stand up and drink some water at 2 a.m., before dying two hours later with his new friends – both human and canine – by his side. He was later cremated, with his ashes scattered in an open field next to a beach … where, as his carers put it, he could “finally run free.”

The poignant parting message of this video is: “Stray dogs do not ask for any material wants, fortune, or fame. All they ask for is our love and understanding.” Watch the video to find out more about his story … and prepare to have your heartstrings pulled.