There are few things more powerful than the bond between a mother and her baby. We have seen countless examples of mother animals going to great lengths to protect their little ones from danger, from diving into flood waters to retrieve a lost little one to fending off a lion to protect their baby’s, there is really nothing that a mama won’t do to keep her kids safe and sound.

Unfortunately, there are some situations that even the most diligent moms can’t protect their babies from. Take the dog in this video, for example. This stray pup family was living in a small hut but when a bout of powerful rain struck, the roof fell in, trapping one of the puppies inside. Despite her best efforts, the mother dog could not free the pup. Luckily, some kind person noticed the animals in distressed and called in Animal Aid Unlimited to help.

In no time at all, Animal Aid’s rescue team swooped in and set to work clearing the rubble to reach the pup. Within a matter of minutes, the puppy was freed and reunited with her very relieved mom.

We certainly hope that this pup will stay out of harms way from now on, but at least we know that the Animal Aid team is never far to lend a hand!