South India experienced devastating floods this season, killing over 300 people, displacing over 1.8 million, and causing an estimated $3 billion worth of damage to property. In the process, countless animal victims have been affected too, losing their lives, health, habitats or human guardians to the wreckage. The floods have been attributed to a combination of human-created climate change and the El Niňo weather pattern. The city of Chennai, where the video above was filmed, was hit particularly hard, with rescue and evacuation efforts still underway.

Luckily, animal welfare organizations, such as Humane Society International (HSI), have made sure that in addition to human life-saving efforts, the animals of Chennai are also made a priority.


While relief efforts are on the ground, this mama dog took matters into her own paws to save the lives of her babies trapped on a floating island of debris. After all, what mother wouldn’t?

Although efforts continue to help the people and animals affected by the floods, there is much work left to be done. Help support the rescue efforts by many incredible individuals by visiting HSI’s website and Facebook page.