Oh boy, get ready for some elephant sized happy tears!

At three years old, Me-Bai the elephant was ripped from her mother’s side and sold into the Thai tourism industry. The poor calf was subjected to a brutal “breaking” period and forced to give rides to paying customers day in and day out. This trauma and stress took a serious toll on Me-Bai’s well-being and she grew too weak to carry tourists.


Lucky for this young elephant, her owner took pity on her and retired her to Elephant Nature Park. Once she was released to Elephant Nature Park, Me-Bai’s new caretakers set out on a mission to find this little elephant’s mother. Within a matter of weeks, they located Mae Yum, Me-Bai’s mom and set their glorious reunion into motion.

In this video, Mae Yum and Me-Bai are finally reunited! It has been three years since this mother/daughter pair have seen one another. The joy and love that they exude is sure to warm your heart.

A big thank you to all the kind people at Elephant Nature Park who made this reunion possible! Enjoy your life together, Me-Bai and Mae Yum!

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