Every year, the animal rescue organization, Hope for Paws, receives thousands of phone calls about animals in distress. Normally, their rescues revolve around canines who have found themselves in all sorts of unfortunate situations. Oftentimes, they have either been hit by a car, are living in abandoned lots, or are simply homeless and wandering the streets. While Hope for Paws is known for rescuing dogs, that doesn’t necessarily mean they ignore other species who also need their help.

Just recently, the organization received a call from one of their cat rescue experts, Talin Aintablian, about a group of seven cats and kittens who were stuck under a heavy, shipping container. By the time Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws, arrived at the scene, it was unfortunately already too late for one cat. Hagar knew that if Talin hadn’t been able to save one of the cats, that they definitely had to work fast if they were going to save the last six.


The cats under the container were visibly frightening and very skittish. 

So, the duo quickly got to work setting up a net and coaxing the cats towards the open space under the container. Surely enough, the cats gravitated towards the hole and began to dart out towards the net. 

They covered the cats with blankets quickly to calm them down and let them know they were in safe hands. 

At this point, Hagar called in back up to bring extra materials to save the rest of the cats. One of the most important moments of the rescue? Rescuing the mom without getting bitten! With her in their possession, it was only a matter of time before the other kittens followed.  

The kittens were successfully coaxed close enough to the opening to be rescued with a long pole and net. 

These precious kittens probably have no idea how close they brushed with death. We’re so glad they’re okay! 

One of the rescue helpers rushed to get some kitten formula from a nearby pet store. They couldn’t let the feral momma out of her cage just yet, so the helpers provided some much-needed sustenance. 

Now the kitties are hanging out at Hope for Paws headquarters where they are relaxing, recovering, and eating well! 

In addition to being under the care of the Hope for Paws crew, they are in the incredibly able paws of Olive-Pit, the office babysitter. Looks like they get along great! 


The fact that an organization that usually rescues dogs took the time and effort to rescue these six cats, is inspiring! It goes to show, if you’re in the business of helping, it doesn’t necessarily matter which animal is in distress. To learn more about Hope for Paws, visit their website.


All image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr