These adorable interspecies friends want nothing more than to snuggle up and cuddle together. The cat in this video, aptly named Leonardo DiCatzio (seriously, look at the devilishly handsome smile) is going the extra mile, stroking his piggy sibling to sleep! The tables have certainly turned, since cats, of course, are the ones who usually get all the petting.

Despite the fact that pigs are highly intelligent animals who can learn tricks like a dog and even solve puzzles faster than a human toddler, most people think they are nothing more than “food.”

Leonardo, however, knows that in reality, there is very little difference between him and his piggy friend. In fact, this kitty might even think the pig deserves more than just to be treated with respect, but to be cherished and loved, unconditionally.

While these two are incredibly cute, they can also teach us all a valuable lesson in compassion. Keep on, keeping on, friends!