When Pixie the calf first arrived at Edgar’s Mission, there were a lot of uncertainties about her future. She had just been rescued from life in on a dairy farm where she was rejected by her owners due to a leg deformity, and she was weak and could barely stand. One thing about Pixie, however, was certain: she wanted to live.

Despite the odds being stacked against her, Pixie had a spark for life that inspired her rescuers at Edgar’s Mission to do whatever was necessary to help her thrive. With a lot of care and a few trips to the vet, the Edgar’s team was able to arrange for a set of special splints to be made for this little calf so that she could run and jump as readily as they knew she wanted to.


In this video, we see Pixie testing out her brand new leg splints and from the fervor with which she wags her little tail, we think she loves them!

It is truly incredible and inspiring to see the lengths that the kind people at Edgar’s Mission are (more than!) willing to go to help the animals in their care. If we could all learn to regard animals with the same compassion, the world would certainly be a much happier place!