When Pixie the Calf first arrived at Edgar’s Mission, her legs were so severely bowed that she could barely walk, and her body was covered with small wounds and sores.

After a few days with the kind people at Edgar’s Mission, however, her recovery is going swell! While her legs are still bowed and walking is a chore, she seems much happier and brighter than she was before. Her rescuers are working on getting X-rays of the little calf’s legs so that they can decide how to best treat her condition – but everyone at Edgar’s Mission seems to be optimistic that a full recovery is possible!


Edgar’s Mission animal sanctuary has given us many reasons to sing their praises and the story of Pixie is no exception. However, they rely on donations from kind people like you to continue functioning. If you believe that animals like Pixie, Fanta, Delilah, and Gandalf deserve a happy ending and a second chance please head over to their website to learn more.