We recently shared the heartbreaking story of a lamb named Fanta who suffered such terrible neglect that she never learned to walk properly. Most of the video was devoted to showing Fanta’s recovery with the help of the dutiful staff at Edgar’s Mission. Fanta’s condition improved greatly, but the video ended with a cautiously optimistic “to be continued” message.

This video shows the ending to Fanta’s story and it looks like things couldn’t get much better. Not only is Fanta able to stand without the help of the shopping bag, at the end of the video she’s seen jumping and frolicking with other healthy lambs in a green pasture.


Fanta has come such a long way from the corpse-strewn paddock she was found in. The farmer who owned her in the beginning said she was worth nothing, but Fanta has soundly proved him wrong. If you want to support Fanta or animals like Fanta, head over to the Edgar’s Mission web page and find out what you can do to help. Every mistreated animal deserves to have a story like Fanta’s!