Lambing season is meant to be a joyous time when mother sheep welcome their new little babies into the world. Unfortunately, many lambs are born into the animal agriculture industry and are not always given the time with their mothers or care that they need to survive the first few, extremely fragile, days of life. Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary sees an enormous influx of injured lambs every time this season comes around and while it is unfathomable how any person could allow harm to come to such a sweet, young creature, it is the sad reality.

Luckily, Edgar’s Mission exists as a place where these lambs can get a second chance at the happy, healthy lives they always deserved. Taking in little ones like Thursday, the lamb in this video, Edgar’s gives these animals a home and a family to call their own.


Poor Thursday was hit by a car and left to die, but she now is receiving all the care and love that she needs to pull through these injuries. While the initial image of such an innocent little lamb covered with wounds breaks our hearts, seeing her take her first steps into the rescued lamb pen to meet her new friends is enormously rewarding.

Good luck, Thursday! And a big thank you to the wonderful people at Edgar’s Mission.