Six little lambs recently arrived at Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary in terrible condition. The sextet of lambs had undergone the traumatizing experience of being transported to a strange farm and taken away from their mothers. When they were rescued by Edgar’s the lambs were caked with urine and feces, emaciated, clearly forgotten by the people who had been previously charged with their care.

Whether the lambs were the product of the wool or meat industry is unknown, but it is clear that in their rescue they escaped a horrible fate.



When Edgar’s found the lambs they were huddled in a small corner crying out for their mothers.

The smallest of the bunch is in critical condition, extremely weak and emaciated.

The poor lamb has a cough and rattling chest, indicative of pneumonia – but he is sure to receive the utmost care from Edgar’s!

Edgar’s believes that all life is precious, not matter how sickly, small, or frail.

The lambs are adjusting to their new lives and learning to enjoy the little things in life.

At Edgar’s, these lambs will never have to be anything more than their wonderful selves. 

Although they might be missing the love of their mother’s, they now have one another.

The lambs have been named Sunny, Merry, Joy, Sparky, Glad and Chipper. All aptly reflect their brand new outlook on life!

We are so pleased to see the lambs in good hands and can’t wait to see them grow big and strong! 

To learn more about Edgar’s Mission check out their website and Facebook page. You can make a donation to help Edgar’s care for these six new lambs by clicking here

All image source: Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary