In January of this year, Bulgaria banned wild animals in circuses. This ban put circuses out of business and forced them to sell, or get rid of, their animals. The tigress in this video belonged to a circus for most of her life, but when the ban was put in place, her owner couldn’t be bothered with her, and she was left with nowhere to go.

Thankfully, FOUR PAWS animal rescue negotiated with the tigress’s owner and former trainer for custody and took her to FOUR PAWS Big Cat Center in Tierart, Germany. The tigress, now named Varvara, has been in a tiny cage  for so long that when she saw the wide green expanse of the Big Cat Center, she was hesitant and scared.


It only took two days for her to venture out of her indoor enclosure after a life of abuse and mistreatment. The footage 48 seconds in really gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling doesn’t it?

Every exotic circus animal worldwide deserves to live in a home like Varvara where they are loved for what they are and not what they can do for humans. And if things keep going the way they’re going, that just might be a reality in our lifetime!