A walk with her dogs and husband in a Hong Kong park almost turned tragic for Courtney Link when Dexter the dog ran off and was attacked. What Courtney saw when she found him was terrifying, but she was not about to let Dexter die.

The couple described the sound they heard Dexter making as “frantic barking and a strange gurgling noise.” The 50-pound dog was in serious trouble.

It was a scene most of us have never seen, nor want to. An entire 15-foot Burmese python was wrapped around her beloved Dexter, teeth embedded in his chest and legs. So Courtney did what any protective pet parent would do — she fearlessly went at the python, fists flying and punching, then began stabbing it with a pocket knife in an attempt to loosen its grip on the now limp dog.

“Dexter was starting to weaken and he eventually stopped struggling altogether,” Courtney said.  “At that point we really thought we had lost him. So when I suddenly saw the snake’s head, I just started stabbing furiously.”

The snake let go and slithered away in the opposite direction. Courtney’s quick actions saved her dog’s life!

A spokeswoman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department confirmed the attack to have been by a Burmese python. They are Hong Kong’s biggest natural predator, also a protected species in the territory, and the world’s largest snake which can grow to 20-feet long and weigh more than 220 pounds.

“I deeply regret I had to seriously injure a protected animal, but I acted only to save the life of my dog,” said Courtney.

It does not appear Dexter was on a leash while on the walk. For the safety of your fur babies and others, always leash up when out.

“Dexter is incredibly special to us,” said Courtney. “I found him as a stray puppy – very sick, emaciated and close to death. He is also my first dog, a lifelong dream to have a canine companion. He has transformed my life and motivated me to become a canine CPR emergency responder in case I needed to save his life one day. I completed this course in the UK in March 2014. So amazingly well-timed.”

Dexter has made a complete recovery and is doing well!

All images: The Pet Nanny/Facebook