There is nothing we love more than seeing stories where people go to incredible lengths to help animals in need. As animal lovers, there is no question that we would drop everything in a second to help any animal big or small, but the harsh reality is not everyone thinks this way. All it takes is a single look through recent headlines to see all the horrible acts that are carried out against the world’s animals. From orangutans losing their homes due to our demand for palm oil and dogs being put through tremendous pain in fighting rings, it can be incredibly discouraging and heartbreaking to come to terms with the lengths people will go to to harm animals.

So Green Monsters, if you are in need of a little boost to restore your faith in humanity – we have got just the thing for you! In this video, we see a group of individuals working together to save a dog who was trapped in a water reservoir. Watching these people literally band together to help is sure to make your day.

They say compassion is contagious, so go ahead and pass this video along!