When Jon Stewart retired from the Daily Show, many of us grew sad, thinking the comedian’s presence would slowly fade from the media until we no longer heard of the funny newscaster. Thankfully, this has not proven to be the case. In fact, Stewart seems to be in the news every other week, and almost always because he’s doing something incredibly awesome for animals! This week, the lucky animal is Lily, a once-emaciated pony that was found abandoned and covered in paintball markings, and will now have a new home thanks to the kind Stewart family!

The white mare, who was found at an auction stable in March, had been shot more than 100 times at a close range with paintballs. The cruel act left the poor girl partially blind and wounded. Thankfully, after just two months, justice has been served! This past Friday, the Rhode Island man prosecutors say abandoned Lily was found guilty of cruelty charges and fined nearly $15,000.



But the good news didn’t stop there. Shortly after Lily’s former caretaker was charged, Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue shared some more big news. Lily was getting adopted by Jon Stewart! Lily, who has been recovering at a Pennsylvania veterinary center, along with her friend Anita, will spend the rest of their lives at Jon and Tracey Stewart’s farm sanctuary.

While it can get disheartening to constantly hear news of animals ending up in the wrong people’s hands, the Stewart family sure knows how to even out the playing field and restore your faith in humanity. We’re glad Lily will never have to deal with another traumatic experience like this again and is now in good hands!

Image Source: Yahoo News