We all came to know and love Jon Stewart through his work on The Daily Show, but now that he has retired, the reasons he’s been in the public eye are starting to shift. Specifically, the spotlight is moving away from Jon and onto his wife, Tracey.

Tracey, a long time animal lover and avid advocate for everything with four-legs, wings, or scales, recently released a book entitled “Do Unto Animals,” and is blazing forward with the couple’s plans to open a New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary. Trading in their city days for a simpler, kinder life managing a whole barnyard of animals, the Stewarts couldn’t seem more thrilled to start this chapter of their lives.

In this interview with CBS, Tracey explains where her deep love for animals comes from and what inspired her to finally follow her dreams of training as a large animal vet and open a sanctuary of her own.

While the Stewart’s new life might not be as “glamorous” – c.f. Tracey’s explanation of how her happiest day involved getting showered with cow poop – there is no doubt that they wouldn’t trade it for anything!