You might remember Frank, the brave bull who jumped off a truck en route to the slaughterhouse and was heroically saved by Jon Stewart! When Frank hopped off the truck in Jamaica, Queens, he bolted straight for the nearest green pasture in sight – the campus of York College. After being wrangled by NYPD officers, he was transported to the Animal Care Center of NYC (ACC) in Brooklyn. Farm Sanctuary quickly notified Jon and Tracey Stewart about Frank’s journey, and after negotiating the bull’s release, they drove all the way up from their home in New Jersey to save him!

After a weekend at the Stewarts’ and a few weeks of treatment at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, Frank has arrived at Farm Sanctuary. Here he will live out the rest of his days on 175 acres of green, hanging out with fifty bovine buds!


We dare you to try to hold back tears of joy while watching this video. This is truly the life that every animal deserves. Thanks to the hardworking teams at Farm Sanctuary, Animal Care Center of NYC, the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, and Jon and Tracey Stewart, animals like Frank can get a second chance. We bet Frank won’t want to escape Farm Sanctuary … unless, of course, he wants to visit his pal, Jon!