Being happy gives you tons of energy and when you live in an awesome place like Jon and Tracey Stewart’s branch of Farm Sanctuary, being happy is pretty much guaranteed! The Stewarts really get to break in their running shoes trying to keep up with all of their happy guests. Combine that with the fact that the cold weather is on its way out and you have a recipe for some really excited animals.

Their little clique of goats gets a special shout out for being fast runners and climbers. If you don’t believe us, check this video out! Most people only view goats as commodities, but they are actually highly intelligent and curious animals. Just by watching these kids react to the world around them, you can get a sense of each one of their distinct personalities.


You can bet that as the temperature heats up, the farm-filled fun will only increase! To keep up with all these happy animals, check out the Farm Sanctuary website and Facebook page.