While we might be in the throws of a heat wave up here in the Northern Hemisphere, down in Australia it is winter time. Sadly, the timing of the winter’s most frigid months in the region also overlaps with lambing season. The first few days of life can be incredibly difficult for a little lamb born into the agriculture industry, but when you couple that with extremely low temperatures, it makes for a very dangerous situation for these young babies.

Millions of baby lambs are born every year in Australia and many of them never survive these sordid conditions, but Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is set on changing this harrowing statistic. In the past few months, Edgar’s has rescued a whole team of little lambs and no matter what condition these babies came to the sanctuary in, they have given them their all to help them recover and grow up big and strong.


Little Bo and Peep are just two of the latest addition to the adorable rescued lamb herd. 

These two wee babes were rescued only 24 hours after they were born.

Without their mothers to care for them, these lambs would have a tough road ahead of them. Luckily, their kind rescuers know just how to care for them.

Bo and Peep might have had a rough start to life, but since their arrival at their new sanctuary home, they’ve been nothing but smiles!

Good luck, little lambs! You’re in great hands now! 


To learn more about Edgar’s Mission and the amazing work they do, check out their website and Facebook page.