If you consider yourself an animal lover then you are probably familiar with that sinking feeling that comes along with hearing the news about an animal being harmed or abused by humans. Unfortunately, it seems that not a day goes by without a horrific headline about dogs found in fighting rings, farm animals faced with obscene abuse, or wild animals being harmed for the sake of a “selfie.” Let’s face it, when it comes to living in harmony with the world around us … humans are pretty much failing.

As heartbreaking as it can be to face this reality, we mustn’t forget that there is an entire other side of all this negative news – the positive side. For as many terrible stories we hear about people going out of their way to harm animals, there are many, many more featuring incredible people going above and beyond to help animals.

If you’re in need of a quick pick me up to restore your faith in humanity, look no further than this image.


Although the little boy is clearly in danger in these weather conditions, he chose to pick up the soaked puppy. While we don’t know the fate of the puppy or this kind child, the gesture in and of itself is enough to inspire us all to be a little but more compassionate.

The world can be an incredibly dark place for animals but each one of us has the power to make it just a little bit brighter. Whether it’s something as small as helping a lost dog find their home or as big as risking your life to help an animal in dire straits, every small act of kindness adds up.

To learn more about how you can take action and help animals, check out these resources:


Image source: Imgur