A new animated video released by Greenpeace puts the issue with palm oil in such a creative way, even children will be able to understand. The video is narrated by actor Emma Thompson and tells the story of a displaced orangutan, affectionately referred to as “Rang-tan.”

The story, which is eloquently told through poetry, starts off with the baby orangutan seemingly creating havoc in a little girl’s room which she understandably doesn’t appreciate. She, therefore, kicks Rang-tan out but before doing so, asks the question, “Why were you in my bedroom? I really want to know.”

With a heartbreaking look, Rang-tan outlines what is happening to his home. He lost his mother and his home is being destroyed as a result of the deforestation to make room for palm oil production. In the end, he explains that he was scared that the human in his forest that took away his mother would take him away too, so he thought he could stay with her.

While it is an animated video, it shows the harsh reality of what is going on behind the closed doors of the palm oil industry for the pleasures we enjoy in our homes like chocolate, shampoo, and shoes. The video ends with the little girl committing to do everything in her power to ensure the future is something they can both look forward to.

Sadly, twenty-five orangutans a day are killed or displaced as a result of deforestation, and palm oil is so overused that it is found in around half of all items on supermarket shelves. You can make a difference in your own home by refusing to purchase products containing palm oil and by contacting your favorite brands and demanding that they discontinue the use of palm oil.

So many people are unaware of the serious issues surrounding palm oil, so sharing this video with your network is a simple step we can all take to help Rang-tan and all orangutans who are suffering around the world for our livelihoods. Visit the links below to learn more: