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What do you get when you combine an abandoned puppy, orphaned kitten and Texas no-kill shelter Operation Kindness? An obscene amount of cuteness, that’s what.

Chip and Adele are best friends, cohorts in a big world where things didn’t start out quite so awesome. After Chip the chihuahua puppy was surrendered by his guardians due to his extremely young age (he’s only five weeks) and Adele was found wandering without her mother at roughly four weeks, Operation Kindness volunteers decided to put these two babies together in foster care.

One would think that a kitten/puppy combo would be like oil and water, but these two are more like peas and carrots. Or peanut butter and jelly. Or Ross and Rachel. Basically, pick a wonderful combo of your choice and that’s what they are. Due to their incredible bond, the duo will be fostered together until they’re old enough to find a forever home … together. Seriously people, they’re a package deal.

“A puppy and kitten that age are much, much too young to be in an animal shelter,” said the pair’s kind foster mom, Natalie Buxton. “Without a foster home, they wouldn’t have had a chance.”

It truly takes someone special to open their heart and home to one foster pet, let alone two of them, which makes Chip and Adele two lucky little buddies. Fostering is an incredible way to help an animal in need and can make a profound difference in that animal’s life. If you have the time and means, becoming a pet foster parent not only helps keep overcrowding at shelters down, but it can also save animals lives.

If you’ve been on the fence or are wondering if it’s a worthwhile endeavor, just ask Chip and Adele what they think. That is, if you can get a spare second in amidst all that cuddling.

“I know I have a bed right here, but you’re just so much more comfortable.”

“You’d better not eat all the frosting, that’s the best part!”

“My nose is cold, I’ll just go ahead and warm it up with your body.”

“It’s okay Adele, I’ll be right here during your exam. No need to write a Grammy-winning album about my departure.”

“I love being the big spoon.”

“Wake him and I’ll cut you.”

“Nom nom nom nom.”

“I feel like I spend 50 percent of my time watching this guy sleep…”

“It’s time well spent.”

“Did I hear you say food? No? Okay, night night again.”

If you ever wonder what utter contentment looks like, here ya go.

“Don’t mess with me! I’m a cat on the edge! I’ll lightly nibble you and lovingly place my paws on your face, just you watch!”


All image source: Chip and Adele/Facebook